Imagine this…

Sydney, Australia, 17th of December, year 2027

Ashton walks right up to his drum stool and takes a sea, thirty-five years old.. Calum, Luke, and Michael walk on slowly, holding their instruments.

"1…2…3…4" Ashton yells into the microphone, voice shaking slightly, tonight, for some reason it just doesn’t have the same energetic ring to it. The boys begin to strum the chords for Heartbreak girl and try and jump around, but something is different Their eyes don’t light up like they used to and they cant jump around as well either.

One by One, every song they ever wrote or cover was sung at this concert. Nobody knew why, but everybody in the audience enjoyed it. They screamed and cheered, danced around like maniacs. Young girls continued to throw underwear at the middle aged men that were once called by them ‘their boys’.

Slowly the concert got nearer to the end, what seems to be the final song stops. The boys all stand up together and look out into the audience. Eyes becoming glossy, the audience falls into a silence that you could hear a pin drop in.

The boys look at each other before Michael speaks. “We have some news… Remember that announcement we said we had a few weeks ago?” Calum steps up to the microphone “well here Is… his will be the last 5 seconds of summer show ever.” His voice cracks as he says the bands name. “It has been a pleasure performing to you all these years, and even now I can see very familiar faces in the audience, that were here before we all got huge and famous. And that makes this so much harder to do.” Luke says quietly, a few stray tears falling from his eyes. ” In honour of the sixteenth anniversary of our first ever cover posted as a band… this is teenage dirtbag.” The boy all take a seat on the stage, Michael being the only one with a guitar and Ashton on his box drum. They begin singing an by the end it not singing…its practically sobbing the words out. They all stand up and wrap their arms around each other and bow, the walk off the stage. However Ashton doesn’t leave, he jut stands their, watching the screens, as a 30 second compilation of all their video and pictured from before one direction play. he lets his tears fall freely as he silently sings to himself

"Hey we’re taking on the world, I’ll take you where you wanna go. Pick you up if you fall to pieces, let me be the one to save you."


It all makes sense now😂